Holiday Workshops & Activities

Seasonal Specials to Entertain Your Kids !

2 HR Workshops & Activities - Come for a Day or Enrol all Week ? 

During bank holidays, Easter holidays and/or any other holiday we develop special 2 HR Kids Workshop programmes to entertain your children whiel out of school. These run on the bank holiday themselves, or from Monday – Friday during the bigger breaks like Easter and Summer. 


Drop Your Kids Off, and enjoy a relaxing break whilst we keep them entertained!

Whether your first time, or you’re a master modeler the 2 HR Workshops make any holiday that extra bit special. In each Workshop you will:

  • Meet the Basis Shapes:

    • Billy Ball
    • Daisy Drop
    • Sally Sausage
  • Learn your colour mixing techniques

  • Drop-Off & Relax

  • Create your masterpiece

  • Play & Treasure Forever

Make this Holiday a creative one! Enrol in your local 2 HR Holiday 
workshop to inspire, educate and entertain your kids this holiday. 

1 HR Themed Workshops

During the holidays we will also be running our ever popular 1 HR Kids Workshops throughout the day. Check out our themed workshops here or contact your local provider from more details.