Corporate Team Building


Creative Activities to Inspire Your Team !

Challenge your employees & bring their imaginations to life.

Who doesn’t like a bit of play? Our interactive clay making experience is all about fun and requires your team to get a little creative. Whether you’re a budding artist or not, challenge your team to step out of their comfort zone, learning new kills and create a collaborative masterpiece.


Step out of the comfort zone and get creative.


Event Format

Our trained instructor starts by giving a fascinating introduction into the magical world of JumpingClay, including a crash course into the Basis Shapes and creation process. Each Team shall then set about creating their own masterpiece using the skills they have already learned and build a scene from their own imagination.

Each team must find their unique style, working in unison to create the individual elements of the final piece.


Unleash your inner-child & look at the world from a different angle


“Huge thanks for a very successful corporate event run for us at the Malone Lodge Hotel. Couldn’t have run better, much hilarity and great as an easy team building style event”

Sally Grattan, Malone Lodge Hotel

Team Building Benefits

  • Anyone can participate in this event.
  • Indoor event that can be held anywhere.
  • Learn new skills and see the world form a different perspective.
  • 3Demensional sculpting activity promoting spatial & temporal processing.
  • Project based and can be run in conjunction with various other types of training or seminar. Great icebreaker.
  • Extremely engaging promoting cohesion in a fun and relevant work format.
  • Finished creations are always impressive with participants realizing their own ideas and ending on a motivational high.


Keep your creation and display for all to see…if you think it’s any good !

Contact your local JumpingClay Activity Provider to discuss your needs and design your perfect team-building experience.