DIY Crafts and Kids Clay Modelling Projects !

Welcome to the JumpingCLAY air drying clay tutorial page. A fun and creative destination full of craft ideas for you and your family. Crafting is meant to be fun - so don't worry if your creation is slightly different from ours - remember it's your creation so you can make it whatever way you like!


Children's Party Bag Tutorial - Click HERE

Have you attended a JumpingCLAY birthday party? Then you should have a party bag with enough air drying clay to create your very own JumpingCLAY mascot. Watch the tutorial here!  


DIY Modelling Kits 

Did you get one of our amazing step-by-step modelling kits? There are loads to collect! Each is full of our awesome air drying modelling clay - enough to complete the entire craft project. Find your kit listed below:



You can buy all of the modelling kits at your local academy or at our online store

Have fun and Happy Modelling! 

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