Educational Programmes

Simple to Follow Step-By-Step Tuition 

Progressive Learning Programmes for all Ages & Abilities.

As an Edu-Culture company we specialize in developing 3D Clay Activities for children, teenagers and adults all around the world. All programmes guide you on a progressive learning experience in the specific areas of “understanding the world around us” and “expressive arts & design”.  Following simple step-by-step modeling you will learn to bring your imagination to life and express the world as you see it.


Progressive Learning in Specific Concepts within the Curriculum 


Individual lessons focus on specific subjects or topics covering everything from simple concepts like; what are the primary colours? Or more complex concepts like; global warming and the extinction of the dinosaurs. Individual activities or programmes can be tailored to the needs of your organization and fit within the curriculum that you are teaching.


Children’s Educational Programmes


Playing with JumpingClay -  The Learning Books

Designed for children at key stage 1 focusing on creativity. It is made up of individual worksheets to guide them from making their first sausage (line shape) to more elaborate works learning the life cycle of a frog.


Elementary Programme

Designed for children at key stage 2 focusing on a fun learning environment of 36 different topics. Progressing through the programme you will naturally gain the skills to make formative works of art learning to understand the world around you.


Learning with JumpingClay – Pre-School

Designed for Pre-school children promoting early year development. Start by completing the individual activity flash cards and progress onto more formative artworks as skills progress.


Learning with JumpingClay – Primary School

Designed for both key stage 1 & 2 providing educational material to help reinforce topics taught within the classroom. The programme is designed to cover 3 main concepts: Arts & Crafts, Nature & Science and Culture & Society.


JumpingClay also provides adult hobby workshops and instructor training programmes if you would like to join us and help to inspire the world. 

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