School & Nursery Workshop Activities!

Inspire the Creative Process with an Educational JumpingCLAY Workshop!

Are you looking for an educational clay workshop for your class? Invite your local activity provider to your school for an activity tailored to your needs. All of our school and nursery workshops provide the children an opportunity to get hands-on, explore the creative process and express themselves through the creation of their very own masterpiece that they will get to take home that day. 

JumpingCLAY is completely mess-free so don’t worry about the clean-up, it literally takes 2 minuets! Contact your local activity provider to discuss the perfect workshop for your class. 

Perfect for a little treat, or set up a programme learning about the world around us!

Pre-School & Nursery Activities

Activities range from 30 mins, 1 Hour, or even a series of weeks! 

Primary School Activities

A special class test, or reinforce your current topic making it from clay!

After-School Programmes

A creative learning programme running for 1 Hour at the end of the day. A great service to provide your parents. 

Educational Programmes

Progressive learning covering specific topics within the cirriculum. 

Enquire About Hosting a Club or Workshop

We’d love to hear form you! Contact your local activity provider to discuss your perfect workshop activity. 

Happy Modelling