Wedding Entertainment

What Can We Do for Your Special Day ! 

Keep the Kids Entertained with Something to Remember !

This is your special day and we understand how difficult it can be to keep the kids entertained, especially during the ceremony, photo time or even the speeches. Why not invite one of our trained instructors along to run a fun-packed activity for the kids at your wedding?


Entertaining Activities Designed Around You !

JumpingClay provides 1Hr+ activities so that the kids can create something magical on your special day. This can be designed to the theme of your choice, and each child will get to take home its own creation to remember the day.

The activity can be timed to cover a specific part of the wedding when you think the kids may become restless. 

If you are planning your special day and looking for entertaining activities for the kids contact your local activity provider here.


Cake Toppers Unlike Any Other

JumpingClay can also create a life lasting Cake Topper, that will not only amaze the guests on the day but you can treasure in the years to come. These are custom designed to your requirements and we can create pretty much anything. 

Please don't hesitate to contact your local activity provider to discuss your perfect Cake Topper, or send us an enuqiry here.