Is it for me?

A proven business model in need of the most important ingredient - YOU, the franchisee.

With an existing family of over 5,000 instructors & 650 academies we are confident that our franchise package provides you everything needed to start building a profitable business. The final element is you, the franchisee. 

We believe our franchise is a family and if you decide to join then we will be working together in the years to come. That is why it is important that you take some time to assess whether this is the right opportunity for you. Below are the 5 main qualities that we have found make up a good franchisee profile.


Do you like working with children?

This is by far the most important element to consider. If you answer yes, then this could be the perfect opportunity and an extremely rewarding career into the future. Simply put it means you will enjoy running your business as much as we do.

Do you consider yourself a social person with good communication skills?

Business is all about relationships, and building relationships or friendships with your clients and customers will help to create a successful business within your community. 

Are You Customer Focused?

As a franchisee your will be expected to put the customer at the forefront of your activities. This make perfect sense as the customers are your business.   

Are you prepared to work hard building your own business?

All businesses need effort and hard-work in order to produce success. If this is something you love then this will be that much easier.

Do you have an enthusiastic ‘can-do-attitude’ towards work?

Drive, determination and being able think on your feet will go a long way. The product speaks for itself but being an enthusiastic or cheerful person shall only help. 


If you consider yourself to have these qualities then this is the perfect business opportunity for you. Take your next ‘Jump’ in the right direction, request an INFO pack and let us start to get to know each other.