Jumping CLAY

The World's Best Air Drying Modelling Clay

What will you create?

It is impossible to describe the texture of this magical modelling material until you have felt for yourself. We pride ourselves in developing the lightest, softest and safest clay in the world. Here are some of the amazing qualities making JumpingCLAY one of the world's leading Kids Air Drying Clay brands. 


  • Soft & Light

  • Air Dries naturally (no need to bake)

  • 100% SAFE & non-toxic

  • 8 extremely bright colours

  • Mixes like paint

  • Adhesive free - it sticks to itself

  • Completely MESS – FREE

  • Jasmine scented



JumpingCLAY is a jasmine scented, mess free clay that when you roll into a ball, bounces when thrown or dropped. It is 100% safe & non-toxic composed of water dissolving fillers that allow the clay to dry at a steady rate, preventing any cracks from forming, or it falling apart during the process. 

No need to BAKE !

Unlike traditional clays there is no need to bake it, it will dry in the air, and once dry finished creations can be treasured forever.

JumpingCLAY – imagination in the palm of your hand - Happy Modelling



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