St.Patrick's Workshop at Forestside Shopping Centre

13th Mar 2019

St.Patrick's Day Workshop at Forestside to be a SELL Out!


Instructor: Caroline

Area: Greater Belfast


All children attending the workshop are  going to create this hat and bring it home on the day;  ready to wear from the St.Patrick parades and celebrations happening all over Belfast. I am personally very excited for this particular workshop as it is the first time we have incoropated a hat to the jumpingCLAY workshops! So far the reponse has been huge and we are even more exited that we can host this in a venue of a leading retailer such as Forestside!

Date: Sun 17th March// Location: Conference Room at Forestside// Times: 2-4pm//

Cost: £12.50 per child// Model: St.Patrick's Hat

To book the workshop click here: WORKSHOP! £12.50/child, 2-4pm Sun 17th at Forestside 

Hopefully I will see you all there!




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