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09th May 2018

Instructor: Caroline

JumpingCLAY Branch: Greater Belfast



Hey Youth Leaders & Summer Scheme Co-ordinators, 

It's the right time of year to book JumpingCLAY for your summer scheme!

I would know!- the phone's been off the hook with youth leaders in a panic trying to get the date and time slot that they need. But NO NEED TO PANIC! >>>

Everyone at JumpingCLAY works with you to enable JumpingCLAY to visit the kids at your summer scheme.

JumpingCLAY can call out to ANY venue where you are holding your kids summer club.

>>> Enquire to see if there is an instructor in YOUR area <<<

We provide a 1hr JumpingCLAY activity for your children and it is charged at the disounted community rate making it a budget friendly activty for your organisation. 

Sometimes groups want us to stay a bit longer or call out on more than one occassion; so we trailor the JumpingCLAY experince and workshop to suit your group, charged at a budget friendly discounted community rate.

Youth leader Group community workshop activity

All our workhsops are lead by qialified and verified instructors >>> important for all you Youth Organisers I know!

If you're just thinking about it or want to find out more or want to book just send an email to or contact your local instrucor. 

Happy Modelling!


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